Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Dreaded Picture Day.

Today was picture day. As a parent I thoroughly enjoyed watching them go through this. I was able to sit back and laugh about how awkward it is to have your picture taken for the school year book. I hated those days. I could never smile right. I still can't but hey I'm not the one in the yearbooks these days. I'm just that awkward parent on the side smiling so proudly. My kiddos don't really have this issue. They are pretty photogenic and get it right the first couple of photos. Oh, I guess I should pop something in this blog about homeschoolers having picture day too... Yep we do picture day and yearbooks too. :)
I saw the emails coming through before the day and wondered if I should make my kids do it. Yes! Why not! I had to! This year my 4 year old got to take her first official school picture. She was so precious. Her older siblings were so googly about it just as much as I was. The littlest cub got to have her picture taken too. They have a section in the yearbook for babies and toddlers even though they aren't in school yet. It was so cute. One little one even had his pacifier and sippy cup with him! Any how the older ones were gushing about the little ones and I was having a ball with all of them. As the photographer snapped great looking professional photos I caught my favorite kind. The offbeat moments just before or afterwards. My oldest ended up taking her glasses off because of the glare. Man I thought we got the anti glare coating on those. Jipped! The littlest one didn't know what to do but once she got it she even showed her brother where to stand.  My son's expression to me was priceless. Now of course these are not their official yearbook photos. These are how they feel about them. - Awkward.
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