Tuesday, September 17, 2013

She's 2...

We have a birthday tradition in our home. Before Daddy goes to work everyone gets up for a mini birthday celebration. It's the first thing we see coming downstairs. It's a sweet welcome into your new year in our family. We spend all night preparing for your morning. Mainly because we have to wait until they go to bed. You wake up to cards, presents, cake or cupcakes, blowing out candles to a happy birthday song and Granny and Grandad ring from England. Then the rest of the day is spent however it's desired. For Fia we think it will be Monkey Joe's before dinner. One thing's for sure, we thank God for each member of our family.

Today our sweet little Quirky Fia has turned 2. This little kiddo came into our lives and turned it on it's side, and it's still spinning like an unpredictable wobbly top. No complaints for sorrow for our rockin house. It's fun. She's such a goofy unpredictable kid. I believe God started with a smile when creating her. Even if she is giving us a hard time, we laugh at her funny antics when the day is done. One of the great things about her is her love language is touch. She cuddles and snuggles like no one else. It's been 2 great years of unpredictable Fia. To many more! Happy Birthday littlest cub!
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