Friday, September 6, 2013

Real Life is Happening... Now.

This is a bit of my real life. Just a little moment in the day. Little Joy was in the playroom. I aligned her stuffed toys to show her how to put a show on for her dolls. She really needed something to do. I was desperate and decided to hurry this little discover along and show her. She's a bit of a serious kid and thought I was strange until I showed her and she took control. *Whew!* I walked across the hall to the laundry room to see that it was a mess. Yes I walked right passed it. That is a chore on the kids list of things to do for the day. 2 loads a day. Its been skipped for a few days... or more. I headed upstairs to hear my little sweet quirky one in the powder room. She was insisting that she needed her little hands washed. She did not fall because after I took that picture, I helped her with the soap, wash and dry. Then she insisted she needed to use the Elmo potty. She isn't potty training but you know some battles aren't worth fighting. While I heard little Joy yelling umm singing at the top of her lungs I sat my little sweet quirky one on the Elmo potty. She was there for a split second before she escape down stairs without a diaper to join her sister. I thought well ok let me see who's chore laundry was for the day and then I heard..."Mommy!!! She peeeeeeeed!" *sigh* This is real life. It's happening now. I'm honored to be in their world trying to figure out which way traffic is flowing. Life is hectic, but life is good. It's naptime!
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