Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Little Kid + Scissors =

All was quiet. The animator was animating something, the Hubs was on his computer, the Sweet Quirky one was sleep, the twins were upstairs, I was rocking peacefully blogging in my rocking chair and Little Joy was behind me at the dinner table quietly writing on my birthday card envelope. All was quiet...and we heard those words...

"Mommy & Daddy look I did my hair! I cut it!" 

We both looked at each other with that wide eyed "What!?" look on our faces. I thought where did she get the scissors from? Her older sister had left them there on the table after working on a project for me. The look on her Daddy's face told me that she was serious. I thought Oh God please don't let it be a bad hack job! We both got up and assessed her styling talent. She had chopped off a bit on the side. I was relieved a bit that it's not really noticeable at first glance. Whew! At a second glance it looks a little like the asymmetrical Salt -n- Peppa hairdo in the 80's and 90s. I think the Hubs wanted to cry though. His little girl chopped off her curls. I was sort of sad too but she's the 3rd child of mine who has done this. It grows back and they forget about it. I was in mid flashback of her older siblings doing the same thing when I thought... here we go with the Mommy & Daddy Look What I Did Series stage of life. We are two little ones strong in it and from the looks of it, we are coming out of it with some funny memories.
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