Saturday, August 31, 2013


So my little one had a birthday recently. She had a great day. We didn't do a huge party, instead we did a small family celebration. It takes a lot to do these parties. Well it takes a lot for me. I'm an introvert really. I stress out in social settings. No it's not outwardly but if you know me, you'll see the signs. Eh but this isn't about my social awkwardness I hide well (sometimes). Anyhow her day was sweet! She requested that we go to the Dollar Store. We did. She wanted to get hats and party stuff. She was so happy, which made us happy. I had one request... a photo of all my kiddos. Here they are. I can look at these pictures all the time. Their expressions and all that was going on makes my heart smile. I never got them all to look at the camera and smile. I tried but real life kept happening as it always does!
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