Friday, June 28, 2013

Ugh A Selfie.

Hi. This is a cell phone selfie. This is me. Just a few minutes ago from them post time I took this. It's in my bathroom. This is me. I do have on some light powder foundation, mascara and some light lip color. You probably can't tell but I like to cover up my dark circles under my eyes. This is my real hair. No flat iron. No braids, no weave (I never liked them), nothing. Just curly me. I had two strand twists in it because I was lazy and I didn't want to do my hair daily. I decided to take them down today before they got really tangled and this is what it looks like. Humidity will probably make it huge but that's life with curls.  I kind of like that. You know what else I like? I like that I can have my hair done however I like it. Curly one day, Straight the next.  For years I permed it straight because society said my natural brown girl hair was offensive "girl you need a perm..." Some say it's trendy such as Afro's were in the past. Some say my natural hair is unprofessional, and some have tried to ban it, but that's the way God made it grow out of my head. Who am I (or you) to say the way He made me is wrong? So I'm becoming more comfortable with who God made me. 
It's just me.
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