Monday, May 27, 2013

Storms Roll On

Every so often we face a storm in our lives. A destructive force changing everything in a moments notice, a hard time that just won't let up or something momentarily displeasing. It causes us to wonder why and or leaves us emotionally distraught.  We may or may not find the answer. Enduring a storm is never fun. For me it's scary, confining, and well unpleasant. Storms can be down right exhausting! While it passes we endure, hold on and pray through them. When it passes a beauty comes forth. Maybe its clean air, changed circumstances, lessons learned, 2nd chances, humanity showing its desperately missed face, and or a hope for tomorrow. Storms often weed out the weak, who aren't really supportive to those needing support. It often reveals truth, the strong, the willing, the caring, those that pray and take action. When all is settled true friends are left standing beside you. It draws people closer to realizing the value of life. Storms command us to be stronger, and forces us to change. Why storms come may remain a mystery sometimes, but when it passes a certain beauty is always emerges. Strength & those who love. 
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