Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sibling Bond

I was spying! That's why the picture is a little grainy. I used the zoom on my iphone. I apologize, but I was determined to catch this moment. Fia loves her big brother Adrian. She learned to call his name first of out her  siblings. I guess he is rather exciting since he tosses her around, tickles her, does sound effects and makes her and Helaina laugh and run around. He is one of the coolest kids though. I love seeing them interact, knowing how I was crazy about my big brother too. When siblings have a good bond it's something special. They have their arguments, but they miss one another if they are away. Tonight I took the older kids out to church. When we were arriving home Adrian mentioned he missed Fia. The girls agreed. I like sibling bonds like that. Knowing how much I miss my brother and sister, I know that's truly something special.
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