Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Tulle to Beat that Clock!

She is my first born, but not the oldest (Just in case she reads this). She's a twin. She's quirky free spirited. She wanted this big tutu just because. There was no planned event to wear it to, no costume to put together, no outfit planned, just a tutu. ...just because and I made it. I was half done with this and she loved it. It made me motivated to finish it. You see as a friend expressed that she was surprised I had all this help which allows me to have free time to do thing such as this, I actually don't. I'm a mother of 5 kids. 3 teens and 2 toddlers. Time? That's the thing that passes by and when I look up it's 12 am right? Yes. That thing that ticks away. That clock that changes second by second. Eh besides wanting to beat the clock...with a bat, I did it.

I struggled through the chaos to get this done. The bliss on her face was worth the struggle. I have to admit the "struggle" was a bit funny since Fia got tangled up in the tulle a few times, glitter is still some what in between the hardwood floors, and Ashley skipped out on me after cutting a few strips of tulle for her own tutu. I did it. I fussed through the big fluff and end the end I got these smiles. These wonderful smiles that makes me look back at the bat I wanted to beat the clock with and laugh. Time stops when enjoy my blessings. 
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