Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ecclesiastes 3:4

My kids are always dancing. They will break out in dance at any moment. I have to admit I've been guilty of this too. One night in the grocery store after their guitar practice, I had to pop in to the store. Well not really, we needed food so I had to do our big grocery shop. I ended up with another 30 inch long receipt for our purchases. Eh it's life as usual for us. I usually like going to the store by myself. It's peaceful and I can think! This night, not so. I had 3 teens with me who were actively live! Almost every song they played they sung or danced to. They even treated Falco's Rock Me Amadeus song like a party anthem they remembered as if they lived in the 80's! I found myself giving out warnings, "Guys! You are in public act like you've been taught!" Well hold on... I guess as I recall I just said I was guilty of dancing at any moment too. I did sort of break in once with "Amadeus! Amadeus! Oh Oh Oh Amadeus." I couldn't resist. Doh! By the time we got to the end of the aisles I gave up. The three were dancing to a song I can't really remember. Instead of scolding I turned and snapped a photo. I laughed at how goofy they were and wondered if other parents had this going on. I realized these kids were having good fun. Now there is only one in the photo because she was getting her jam on so good she didn't realize her siblings had walked off. Now that's dancing for you!

*Fast forward to their married with family years*
"Hey kids, do you remember when you used to dance in the grocery store?"
I do.

Ecclesiastes 3:4... and the beat goes on. It's time to dance!
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