Friday, January 30, 2009

Snow Day

Wednesday January 28th was a wonderful day. Snow fell over night and we woke up to a fluffy white blanket of snow. I tip toed outside to enjoy the scene before the family got up. The snow wasn't disturbed. The sun was shining on the white grounds which provided a brilliantly bright winter day. Although winter is my least favorite season I couldn't help being amazed at the winter wonderland. I knew it was a very temporary scene so I embraced all I could with a few photographs. I am simply in awe about the change of seasons. I always loved the snow which is very odd since I loathe cold weather. Snow is different. It's beautiful. When I step outside I feel as though I have stepped into enchanted painting created by almighty God. Everyone was home and we were blessed with a warm house.

Later on the family went outside to enjoy the winter white blanket that lay on the front lawn. After a quiet morning and afternoon the snow was greeted with excited kids ready to create and play with it. We had a wonderful neighbor come over to help shovel the driveway. The amazing thing about him is that he stopped because he simply wanted to help. It was a great display of a wonderful helping heart just for the sake of helping. While my husband and neighbor shoveled the driveway the kids tossed snow balls and trampled through the huge hill of shoveled snow.

The front lawn was a wonderful scene of laughter and good will. After the driveway was shoveled, we all got together to build a snowman. The kids invited the kid next door to help too. All the giggles came out as they gathered snow to build their highly anticipated snowman. The snowman turned out to be a simple one but one made by a group of people who really enjoyed God's gift of a snow day.

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