Monday, November 17, 2008

One Powerful Button

Nature is such a beautiful blessing. I shot this photograph from a golf cart. It is our future back yard. We are so excited to have the opportunity to live close to such beauty. The other day my husband saw a buck resting on our lot of land. We are fascinated by watching the wild life roam. The value of nature came to me in an Art History course I was in. There was a photo series on how man had replaced nature with highways and roads. It was a eye opener for me to appreicate nature and life. The class was about Photo in Society which taught us about how photography has changed society by reveling life as it is. Ansel Adams did it with his breath taking photography of Yosemite, Ed Weston photographed the every day object and revealed to us beautiful form in his Natural Studies photos, Lewis Hine photographed Child Labor laws into existence. Photography is a powerful tool. It simply reveals life as it is. The person holding the camera has the power to capture any moment in time creating a photograph that may even out last his or her own life. Beware of the power in which a shutter button can hold. We can change lives with photography. Be wise and make a positive change. Live Well.
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