Thursday, October 2, 2008

Presently reflecting the past in St. Lucia

The past is set in stone because can't be changed. The monumental St. Lucian stone grey arch presenting its self in the foreground is a part of old British fort. It's massive presence holds stories that no one alive today witnessed. It is a historic ruin of the some what mysterious past.

The present, unlike the past, isn't set in stone. It can be changed at any moment we choose. It's much like the bright smaller arch in the background because those arches are made of a less durable material making it easily remodeled or changed. The new arches lead visitors to an educational center that reveals the story of the past massive stone arches of the British fort. We always have the opportunity to examine our past and learn from it. Our past may not be as monumentally visual as these arches but it's always present in our memories and thoughts. We can recall them in seconds or make them thoughtfully monumental as we wish. Good or bad memories, our past is only a few thoughts away.
We are always presented with opportunities of learning providing us growth. Most of our learning can come from the past. Yes, there is always new technology but it's achieved by looking to improve things of the past in motivation of making our present lives easier. We can learn from our past or refuse to and make its cyclic mistakes. The beauty of the future is the ability to constantly create a pleasant past. Our history can be rich and interesting or shameful and disappointing. The great thing about this is, we have the power to make it so by our daily decisions.
What's your legacy going to be?
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