Tuesday, June 3, 2008

good morning

good morning!
This cup of coffee has been a regular part of my mornings. I enjoy coffee. I prefer mine with flavored coffee creamer. I recently went decaf. I went off it cold turkey. I wasn't a nice person for about two weeks! I had a constant headache and I was intensely irritable. The side effects did eventually stop and the cloud cleared. I feel better that I'm not defendant on the morning dose of caffeine. Good achievements come with a bit of endurance. It's easy to fall into bad habits careless and unhealthy living. It's all around us usually readily available with excuses included. Temptations feel good while deceiving us. Soon after accepting and embracing the deceptions we fall. We look in the mirror and see the effects of careless pleasures. At times we don't even have to look in the mirror we simply feel it. Whatever the vice, it usually comes at a price. After falling to a careless way of being, it takes a consistent conscience effort to get back to a better quality of life. The endurance is hard to sustain however the outcome is far greater and beneficial than any deceiving vice. After the experience of going decaf I realized the work put into it is small compared to the benefits I'm reaping. This sort of ordeal applies in other areas of life. A quality of life takes time and endurance. Deception is readily available, it's our choice to resist and reap the benefits that prevail any temporary pleasure or caffeine jolt!
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