Thursday, June 12, 2008

3 clubs

Fun! Golf! Yes!! 25.00? Yes Please! What a bargain! Finding things at yard sales can be an invigorating adventure for some. These are actually youth golf clubs. They are perfect size for me although I'm well past my childhood. You can say I got the short end of the stick on height but that worked out well in this case. I like yard sales. People organize and assemble their goods to sell off the things they don't need for good prices. Growing up my mother used to go to yard sales. As a child I remember going to various homes and seeking surprising treasures that were of no longer of use to others. As a child my treasures were toys of course. My mother's focus was to collect brass. She found some good pieces. She took them home, cleaned them up and they were as good as new! There is a different side of yard sales though, we walk away with a deal, however the family selling items receives a boost in their budgets, and they clear their homes of unneeded items. They don't add their unneeded items to the landfills, they've passed them on to another gifting a bit of joy to those who sought a treasure. Golf anyone?

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