Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Winter isn't my favorite season. As a matter of fact it's my least favorite. This season hasn't been so bad except for that 30° cold snap that just happened. In the midst of our sudden discomforts in life God provides. Mine at the moment is warmth. I may not be able to go outside and feel the warmth of the sun and all the beautiful warm weather scenes, outside reminds me of death but inside -where it counts in most situations I feel comfort. We go through seasons of sudden discomfort but how we deal with those situations will reflect what is living on the inside. Our situations such as winter for me aren't at all comfortable, but there is comfort throughout those difficult seasons. While we have to let things play out in life, the road we take may have its comforts. We can make it worse by complaining and creating a negative surrounding which corrupts other and spreads like a nasty disease. I dislike winter so much so that I suffer from a bit of S.A.D. it does in fact make me sad lol. I start counting down to winter in August thinking winter is coming soon. Crazy right? I remember the winter of 2011 I cried because it seemed like Narnia. It went on forever! I found myself secretly fighting off feelings of jealously of friends and family in warmer states. This season I chose not to hide that on the inside. Instead I'm looking at our warm fireplace, enjoying warm Sea Salt Caramel drinks and surroundings of comfort. I'm reflecting on that and ignoring that frost on the ground and paying attention to the things that I do have. It's in the small things sometimes. I personally think sweats are huge blessings. Don't let your winter get the best of you. August is coming!
God is Love.
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