Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Curly Barney Watching.

Today my little tot was free and curly. I snapped this photo when she was seriously into Barney on PBS.

I was inspired by her careless happy and untamed hair do. She originally had one curly puff at the top and I took it down and poof there it went. She didn't mind me fluffing it out. I was about to tame it and put it in two braids but her older sisters were suggesting with excitement that I leave it as is. I was hesitant but said oh well ok after looking at her shake her head with the biggest grin, untamed it was. It was one of those moments that I found my self wanting to be that care free kid again who had no idea of what is "acceptable" or "tamed." I remember being this way as a kid. No don't mess with my hair! In fact my sister laughed when I told her my daughter loved her loose do as it took her back to when I would just want an Afro so I could go play. No bows, no rubber bands, no pig tails nothing, just hair and the poof! Good ol memories. I do think I'll let her do this more often. My little sunshine put a smile on our faces today when she was all carefree. One day it might be gone in *poof* until then we enjoy moments like this. Now, back to the Barney watching....
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