Saturday, November 21, 2009

You Can Do it!

You know, life is amazing. It is simply amazing. God really gave us such a gift in children. We start out in the womb a tiny spec depending on our mothers to care for us. This dependence lasts through out life but as we reach each stage and milestone, we grow and depend on her less often. We become independent early when we start to talk, walk, form our own opinions, dressing ourselves and so on. We learn so much from watching our parents. We take on their looks, some of their personality traits and habits. Our parents are a big part of our make up. It doesn't matter if they were the worst parents on earth, they either taught us what not to do in life, what to do in life, or if we are blessed, they have taught us both.

Parenthood is something unexplainable. It's a journey no one knows of until they step foot on the path with their own child. It is truly a blessing to be a parent. Yes we do have our down periods of stress and uncertainty but then there are those joyous moments we live for. You know, when they do something that either makes us laugh, or warms our hearts. Focusing on the positive will make the journey enjoyable. Focusing on the negative only makes the journey difficult. We have enough of that difficulty from other things in life that robs our attention. Lets focus on the great things God has instilled into our children. Lets focus on their talents, desires, needs, accomplishments, potential, goals, and other things about them. Lets speak positive things about them and to them, for our words will come to be true in them. We all have negative things about us. No one is perfect, no parent or child. It is our decision as to teach our children to grow beyond their challenges. Lets teach them to achieve, continue to to fight the good fight, strive for being the best they can be, go for their dreams and be good. I can some times get caught in the parenting sucks rut. I was in a negative fussy mode last night. This day I'm starting a new mind set. Positivity is a focus.

While my children are growing up I realize that one day they will not depend on me as much. I'm going to remember the moments when they were trying with all their might to learn to lift their heads, talk, walk and so on. All these memories will warm my heart when they are no longer around depending on me for their every need, because they will be depended on by their very own children. I pray I send them on with a positive legacy because parenting is a priceless journey. Stick that tongue out and try with all your might to make it a journey you'll treasure.

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