Sunday, March 22, 2009

Delightfully Disappointed

Our twin girls have turned 11. We are simply amazed at their growth and achievements through out the years. It keeps catching us by surprise. Life is a beautiful precious gift and each year we turn a year older we should celebrate. It is easy to celebrate a child's birthday. We as parents are delighted when our children reach another year. While the children are excited about being older, I celebrate making it through another year of parenthood! Birthdays can symbolize growth and maturity in both parent and child. We love watching them reach their milestones and grow far beyond our expectations. We love to help them through their are struggles. Parenting helps us grow and become stronger and wiser. Our children are precious to us. As they learn from us, we learn from them. So when the girls asked to go to the London Tea Room for their birthday it was surprising, a bittersweet feeling touched my heart. We enjoyed the day with them. Trying different teas prepared the way the British do was such a treat. We were delighted to see that they were mature enough to choose a place like that for their birthday. A bit of disappointment came when the reality of them growing older was facing us. I think back to the days when the girls were babies, when I would cuddle them and they didn't have a urge to run off and do other things. They just sat there and enjoyed being held by mom. Although I miss those days, I do enjoy sitting and talking with them over a cup of tea.

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