Thursday, July 24, 2008

summer play

As a child, playing is what you do. I find joy in watching my children at play. I can't resist the amusement of imagination and giggles. They get dirty and smelly but to me that is a sign they had fun and played hard! They create, pretend, imagine, and live out vibrant fun dreams in their brilliant minds. It's a freedom short lived by the fast approaching adulthood. This summer day I pushed that adulthood aside for my children. We drew pictures on our sidewalk and driveway. As cars passed by we sent neighborly waves and scenes of brightly colored artwork with them. As we received waves and neighborly smiles, their faces reflected a pleasant feeling while seeing the children turn ordinary cement into a refreshing colorful mural. Although it's all temporary, it was a benefit and refreshing to let all things go and play. After all my kids need to know their mom draws the best chalk blobs in town! My daughter's feet after playing were covered with sidewalk chalk. It was a joy to live and capture this moment in photo.

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