Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I haven't posted photos in a while. I am regretful, not only for not updating my photo blog but for missing out on the pleasure of taking photos. Sometimes life gets too busy, we forget our hobbies and the things we enjoy. We set those things aside to do things that need to get done. Life becomes the mundane business as usual. As we pass through life, enjoyment evaporates. Life gets dry, the daily troubles and tasks makes us some what bitter and blue. This is when we must stop ourselves and remember what makes us happy, what makes us smile, what puts joy in our hearts. We have to realize we owe ourselves happiness. We deserve it, desire it, and need it. If we don't nourish our lives with healthy pleasures that provide us with true joy and happiness, we become cracked. Without true happiness life is fragile, unstable and will eventually crumble.

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